• “I do not have a favorite color”


    Ívar Páll Jónsson is the creator of Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter. We asked him six questions.

    - What is your favorite color?
    I just recently realized that I don’t have a favorite color. From an early age, you are programmed to believe that you should like one color more than the other ones. When asked, I used to reply “blue” or “red”, but it is not until now that I have the confidence to just tell it like it is. I do not have a favorite color.

    - Do you use shampoo?
    When I was a kid I went swimming in the countryside with my family, somewhere in the south of Iceland, where it looks like California during the summer and Siberia during the winter. When we arrived at the pool, we realized that we had forgotten our bottle of shampoo back at the cottage we had rented. So, my father went into a small shack, a sort of a kiosk, where he was welcomed by the owner, a man in his eighties. My father asked if he had any shampoo. “Shampoo? Is that a new soda?” the old man replied. But yes, I use shampoo.

    - Are you a light sleeper?
    Sometimes. If I go to bed too early I tend to wake up in the middle of the night. My three year old daughter has a habit of waking me up and asking to be tucked in, so sometimes I’m a bit tired when I wake up in the morning.

    - Why Revolution?
    I simply took the “R” from “Ragnar Agnarsson” and added the “evolution” from “Revolution”.

    - In all seriousness, how did you come up with this?
    To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how I did. It was an idea that slowly surfaced, around three and a half years ago. I knew the story I wanted to tell, but I was uncertain on the setting. So, I wrote down a few surreal ideas and chose the elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson furniture painter over the others. Then I made the outline, wrote the songs, wrote the synopsis and the script. Piece of cake. No, not really, it’s been a never-ending process of rewriting the script and writing new songs since then.

    - Tell us about the team working on Revolution.
    I’m frankly amazed at the amount of talent that the project has garnered. At the first stages I was lucky enough to get in touch with Stefan Orn, who produced the songs and serves as a Musical Supervisor/Director in the production. He is an awesome musician, both technically and creatively. Then of course there is Bergur Ingolfsson the director, who has such a clear vision of what he wants in theatre. He has such a sense of drama and comedy and he is a sweeping personality. Lee Proud, our choreographer, is a true artist, both in terms of creativity and professionalism. He is our Dance General. Petr Hlousek, our set designer, is a brilliant mind with a clear vision and amazing technical abilities.

    The team of producers is a collection of guys who understand the art, they basically “get it”. No questions asked. Karl Petur Jonsson has done an amazing job in steering the ship to its destination, Gunnlaugur Jonsson has been instrumental in the whole process and Oskar Eiriksson has been priceless in his support. I also want to mention Jill Bowman, our wonderful General Manager, who has been efficient and energetic in her job.

    The cast is awesome, and I hope that’s an indicator of the awesomeness of the piece that all these talented actors, dancers and singers are drawn into it. I can’t wait for rehearsals to start, so I can watch how the project develops in the brilliant hands of all those talented people.