From across the pond in the land of Iceland, and the mind of composer Ívar Páll Jónsson, comes this adventurous concept album.

Critically acclaimed as “a musical gem”, “the best musical soundtrack of the year” and “an amazing accomplishment” this album is quite unique. Produced by Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson, it takes you on an 18 song sonic journey through the heart and soul of Elbowville, where a story of love and revolution unfolds, as three brothers live in perfect harmony until their story turns to conflict, shaking Elbowville to its core.

The music was performed by The Revolutionary Cellular Orchestra (RCO), and features an array of guest vocalists, including Liam McCormick (The Family Crest), Hjalti Þorkelsson (Múgsefjun), Sigríður Thorlacius (Hjaltalín), Valdimar Guðmundsson (Valdimar), Arnar Guðjónsson (Leaves), Lára Rúnarsdóttir, Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson, Soffía Björg (Orfia) and Ásdís Rósa Þórðardóttir. The record weaves an emotive storyline with the energy of a soaring rock ensemble. From dark textural moments to full out rock anthems the musical influences run deep from Radiohead and Wilco to Queen and beyond.